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As a Creative Friend I thought I ought to post something creative before the month comes to an end. So here’s how to make a very simple pincushion using scraps from you scrap basket. I start by tracing this template which is very much like a Dresden Blade onto both layers of my chosen fabric. (You can add some fusible interfacing if you would like a little more body to your pincushion.) I lay my fabric right sides together and trace.

After tracing the template I secure both layers with a couple of pins and cut on the traced line.

Now we can start machine sewing. Just like the Dresden Blades, fold your pieces lengthwise and sew across the top.

Clip the corner to reduce bulk.

Now turn you pieces right side out and work the points out. I use a blunt pencil for this task.

Now press the point flat.

Now with right sides together match both pieces and sew around the three raw side edges.

Clip the corners to reduce bulk. Now press again.

So now I fill the pincushion. I use a combination of wadding and I make a little pouch for bird grit. I know you think I’m nuts but I find the bird grit keeps your pins sharps and it helps keep the rust to a minimum plus it gives the pincushion some weight. You can fill your pincushion using your preferred recipe.

We’re almost finished now. Match the points and sew straight across so that your points can be flipped down.

Now that your pincushion filling has been secured you get to do the best part; the embellishing. I just added a little ribbon and a button to mine but the sky’s the limit. Go on dig around your stash and find some interesting things to add to yours.

I hope you all have a go at making this very simple project. And if you do make one please send photos and we’ll try to publish it. If you would like to use the template that I used please email me at lucie@mapleleafquilters.co.uk and I will email it to you.

Happy stitching.

Lucie the Happy Quilter XX

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..young creative friends..

..for our young creative friends we thought it would be fun to show how to draw using simple shapes…if you are looking to help your young child or grandchild to get better at drawing this would be a good project to follow in the holidays..sketch books and art supplies are now very reasonable and can be purchased at your local art store, Works or supermarket..

How to draw a simple Fish

 How to draw a Pelican

all of the above drawing images    and lots more can be found in this wonderful book

..taking things a little further you could purchase a small canvas and paints and create a turtle canvas or under the sea canvas

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We are very pleased to announce that the winners of the companion project GIVEAWAY are:  Jackie, Patricia & Terri

Congratulations ladies you will be receiving one Owl Kit and one Owl Block Keeper Pattern each. Please email your postal addresses to lucie@mapleleafquilters.co.uk so that your parcel can be posted off as soon as possible.

The Creative Friends look forward to releasing other projects sometime soon. So please keep checking for new and interesting projects.

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Well the day has finally arrived. We are pleased to tell you that two of our Creative Friends, Sandra of the Crafts House and Lucie the Happy Quilter have joined forces and are launching their very first companion project.

The Crafts House is offering the Owl kit.

Lucie the Happy Quilter is offering the Owl Block Keeper pattern.

The Friends set themselves a challenge a few months ago and came up with these projects using Sandra’s owl design as the theme. For more info about how to purchase the kit or pattern please click on the highlighted blogs above.

To celebrate the launch of the sale of the first companion projects the Friends are having a GIVEAWAY.  To have the chance of winning a set of both projects, that’s one kit and one pattern, you must comment on both blogs. The prizes will be drawn on May 11. Good luck to all.

Happy creating.