Quilts for Comfort Northeast – Meeting the challenge of bringing comfort one stitch at a time.

Quilts for Comfort


..Hi Happy Quilters

everyday a new stitch is sewn in the Quilts for Comfort quest to deliver lap quilts to as many teens as we can that need comfort.

As i type this post a striking quilt is sitting ready to be quilted, exciting knowing that this particular quilt will be on its way to a teen in foster care who will really be delighted to receive comfort from a quilt so lovingly stitched.

Yesterday i had a phone call asking if Quilts for Comfort could supply 2 lap quilts for 2 teenage boys who are part of the teenage cancer unit..both young men 18 and 19 have said they would love a quilt (their request was “could it be boys colours and not pink or girlie”).

I am hoping that we can  gather a few boy quilts too as teenage boys seem to love them as well.

I will leave you with this thought

Ask not what your fabric can do for you, but what you
can do for your fabric….





4 thoughts on “Quilts for Comfort

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  2. Hiya Sandra

    You can count on me for a boy quilt. I have started cutting strips from suitable fabrics. So hopefully I will be able to hand over a boy quilt within the next few weeks. Quilts for Comfort is a very worthwhile challenge. Keep up the great work.

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