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..Quilts for Comfort ..update..

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film-at-5-3 quilt by lucie

…look what arrived at Quilts for Comfort  today!! This beautiful quilt was created by Lucie and has been sewn especially for a wonderful young man who is 19 and going through radiotherapy at the moment…radiotherapy is quite a tough ordeal,anyone who has gone through this treatment will agree it can make you exhausted and a cosy quilt is just what is needed.


..Jan is leading the way with the Block donations with this stitch and flip block she created

Quilts for Comfort would love to receive  blocks,these blocks will be sewn together to make lap quilts, patterns for simple blocks are being posted under the heading “Block Patterns” at the top of the blog.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Eileen and Doreen who bought beautiful quilts into Quilts for Comfort to give to teens needing comfort,the quilts had been lovingly sewn by Doreen..hoping to post pictures this week.

Quilts are like friends a great source of comfort


One thought on “..Quilts for Comfort ..update..

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