Quilts for Comfort Northeast – Meeting the challenge of bringing comfort one stitch at a time.

…Quilts for Comfort Family..

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..thought you might like to meet some of our Quilts for Comfort Family…

these lovely quilting ladies are part of a group that meets at Quilters Cupboard on a Monday afternoon with June (remember June who gave the very first Quilt..that started the Quilt ball rolling!)..Quilters Cupboard is owned by Rita(one of life’s lovelies) and is packed with wonderful fabrics.

These lovely quilters have sewn beautiful quilts that have been wrapped with ribbon , a Quilts for Comfort tag added and been given to the teens who are receiving treatment at the Teenage Cancer Unit at the RVI Newcastle.

How wonderful to receive a gift from a friend.
It always stirs a warm feeling within;
And as happy as we are with the gift,
It’s the thought behind it that gives us the lift,
Making us so very keenly aware
There still are those who truly care.
But a more wonderful thing, I must confide,
Is when we are on the giving side.
Nothing compares with what comes our way,
As we reach out a hand to others each day

Connie May 1998

A big Quilts for Comfort Hug to our sewing and quilting family that is growing every day,we couldn’t give these quilts without all of you xx



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