Quilts for Comfort Northeast – Meeting the challenge of bringing comfort one stitch at a time.

…from 4 months to 92…

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..the total of quilts and blocks are growing by the day and a few things have been happening in Quilts for Comfort Land..


..we have our very own logo!!! designed by the very clever Sarah, i was over the moon when i saw the design because it is so cute and perfect for QFC. A big thank you goes to Chris (Lucie’s husband) for sponsoring our business cards..a massive help and it means we can give out our contact details and spread the word..

Stitchin' Heaven Kits

..remember the kits that were so kindly donated by Anne and Mick at Stitchin’ Heaven….well an army of sewers have stepped forward to turn the kits into quilts..big hug and thank you goes out to Sylvia (sylvia finished a teddy quilt in a weekend/amazing!) ladies from Usworth Quilters (Pat,Mary,Eileen,to name a couple) Shelly, Hazel, Anne, Amy.

Two of the finished quilts have already been delivered to give comfort ( a lovely 8 year old boy was over the moon and took his mind off having to go through treatment that wasn’t nice for him)


…Anne has joined the QFC Family and is sewing away on kits and blocks,she has kindly lent us a couple of quilt books if anyone is looking for block ideas. Anne also donated two beautiful baby quilts (they were needed and delivered before i had a chance to photograph!!)One of the quilts was needed to give comfort to a  4 month old baby boy who has just been diagnosed with a tumor, his mother was so overwhelmed with the quilt she could hardly speak through her tears,parents of these beautiful children and young adults are on a roller coaster of emotions not knowing where the road they are on will lead.

quilt image

…our oldest recipient of a Quilts for Comfort Quilt is Irene…at 92 Irene is cared for by one of our painters and was in need of comfort so a quilt was dispatched asap…

As you can see QFC is growing day by day…without the help,donations and time of some truly lovely people it wouldn’t be possible..

there are a couple of challenges ahead that we are going to tackle

raising enough money to buy our own bolt of wadding and backing (this will be used to quilt our ever increasing stack of blocks)

–  stitching our donated  blocks into quilts.

…………….. “One Stitch at a Time”….. “One Step at a Time”……………

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