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….Quilt Delivery Day…


We often get asked at Quilts for Comfort NE …..

  • How can I help?
  • How do the Quilts get made?
  • Who receives the Quilts we make?
  • What happens to a finished Quilt when it is given to Quilts for Comfort
  • If I am not a sewer is there a way to learn?
  • What is Volunteer day?
  • How did Quilts for Comfort start?….so I thought i would answer some of the questions here on our blog …..

  -Who receives the Quilt we make?

The finished quilts (after they have been photographed for our archives and folded and tied with ribbon by David…more about that in another post…)

are taken to the Pediatric Oncology unit/ Ward 14 at the RVI Children’s Hospital, Newcastle-upon-Tyne where they are distributed by P.O.O.N’s to children and teenagers who are needing comfort while going through treatment for cancer.

We..that is ..Sandra and David store the quilts at their home until we have about 20-30 quilts..they are covered to protect them from dust and sunlight and a day is arranged with the RVI for us to deliver them…

Last Friday was one of those days so I took a couple of pictures to show our trip..

taking quilts to the rvi march 2015 1

5 bags of quilts = 50 finished Quilts !! all lined up ready to go


taking quilts to the rvi march 2015 2

..Ikea bags are really good at transporting the Quilts..

taking quilts to the rvi march 2015 3

last bag to go in..

taking quilts to the rvi march 2015 4

the P.O.O.N’s  ( Pediatric Oncology Outreach Nurse’s)

..these are the ‘angels’ that cared for our son…these are the family that I would do anything for ..their care is like no other we have ever experienced

..these are the nurse’s that go above and beyond to help those in their care (and the families)

taking quilts to the rvi march 2015 6

…outside Ward 14…from left to right Amanda, Keri,Kelly

After the quilts are delivered the team then begin to distribute the Quilts to the children and teenagers.

Right away we received thanks about these quilts….

Dear Friends
This is just a quick note to thank you for the quilt which we received on ward 4 (Great North Children’s Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne) during our stay. It is absolutely beautiful. Our 3 and a half year old daughter was admitted this week with unexplained temperatures and has been on chemotherapy for 3 years. Thankfully she is appears to be recovering on both counts.

My mother is a quilter and I know how much time these can take. It is a beautiful quilt and a lovely present. My daughter loves the colour green and so chose the greenest one possible. It is the one with frogs, dragon flays and crowns. Thank you so much

Every blessing


Yesterday while on ward 14 at the RVI two lovely ladies gave my daughter, Jessica a fantastic umbrella quilt (#127).
She loves it. Thank you very much it really cheered her up.


Dear quilts for comfort North East

My son Evan was given one of your beautiful quilts at the RVI on Friday, #102
It is fabulous and he was really moved when he received it.
He will definately be using it when he is next in the RVI for chemotherapy. Those hospital blankets are pretty thin!

We have a thank you card that Evan would like to send.
Do you have an address that we can use?

Thanks so much



You can see by these  messages that the Quilts are very well received  and all the hard work of our Quilters is really appreciated…we couldn’t do this without all the wonderful and dedicated quilters who stitch the wonderful quilts delivered…..they are the ladies who’s Hearts are massive..they are the Quilts for Comfort Family and I personally am thankful for each and every one of you xx                                                                                             

8 thoughts on “….Quilt Delivery Day…

  1. You do good & wonderful work. I’m now going to dry my eyes and get back to work … sniff.

  2. Hi Fran, thanks for your lovely comment x

  3. Hi Sandra, everything you Lucie and Nicola, and the wider Quilts for Comfort family has done is truly amazing. David would be so proud. Thinking of you all this weekend. Karen B xxx

  4. Hello everyone – can you let me know when the next volunteers day will be? Many thanks.

    • Hi Karen, lovely to see you and big thanks for your new Quilt block, its lovely x
      Our newsletter is going out soon and it will explain dates etc
      Looking forward to seeing you soon

  5. Thank you for the news letter, the photos of the quilts journey to the R.V.I. are amazing to see exactly what happens with them. It has stirred me up and I have sorted my next lot fabrics out, and I’m off to start cutting for my next quilt top. Look forward to seeing you all on the 29th May.

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