Quilts for Comfort Northeast – Meeting the challenge of bringing comfort one stitch at a time.


….together we make a difference…

Can you believe it has been a year since Quilts for Comfort N.E. was officially launched!!…( quilts had already been sewn and delivered to the RVI oncology unit in the previous year)

To mark the event we decided to have an appreciation ‘Tea Party’ to say thank you to as many people as we could. We were lucky to be able to hold the event at Burnopfield Cricket Club and the staff were wonderful in setting up the lovely room..Nicola as always provided a lovely ‘spread’ (my Grandma always used the word ‘spread’ when she prepared our Sunday teas!!..Did anyone else’s Grandma do that?)…..her cakesĀ  are the comfort we all need with a cuppa.


..just before everyone arrived…


Guests at QFC Tea Party

…some of the ladies seated and ready..

More guests at QFC Tea Party

…friends who sew together..


2 Thank You Cards

..Great job Nicola…thank you cards from children and teens from RVI oncology unit who have received quilts from you all..we have received many thank yous from children and parents and they always touch my heart …. their battle is a tough one and i love that they take the time to say thank you xx


we received quilts on the day too…


Dianne…arranging and stroking quilts..

..I don’t have a picture of JUNE (remember it was her quilt that started it all xx) saying a few words…

keri 13th July 2015


i hope you all don’t mind if this next part is written from my heart..

..the lovely Keri came to meet you all and talk about what the quilts mean to everyone…her official title is ‘Pediatric Oncology Outreach Nurse’…this wonderful..wonderful nurse/friendĀ  along with the wonderful Natalie,Kelly and Viv nursed and cared for our lovely son, they were there at the beginning and throughout his treatment and also when we bought him home to spend his last days with us ….they have continued to support,help and care for us as a family….we will NEVER be able to express in words what they all mean to us …but one thing I know is to the best of our ability we will support and help them in their job ANY way we can….the great thing is each and everyone of you since the very first quilt was delivered have supported,sewn,donated and helped xxx

…..A Big Big thank you to the following groups and shops who have supported Quilts for Comfort N.E over the last year

308170_138613292898086_441228_n..the wonderful ladies from Usworth


Monday afternoon group and the individual ladies who sew @ The Quilters Cupboard

High Street Quilting……Hilary and the individual ladies who sew @ High Street Quilting

Stitchin' Heaven Button copy..Anne and Mick x

..there are a LOT of individuals i have not listed here who have donated blocks,quilts,tops,fabric,time,fabric scraps,refreshments,support,donations..we have tried to say thank you to everyone and I know I will have missed someone out but that will be down to human error and if your not mentioned by name please know that I/we are saying thank you to YOU too and so are all the children,teens,parents and adults that have received a quilt or ‘extra comfort’.

….at the moment I am busy working my way through the big box of quilt tops that Quilts for Comfort is lucky enough to receive, the box is like a magical never empty quilt top box..its always re-filling!!!.. after layering them i am really enjoying sitting hand quilting them…I Know I’m not the most perfect quilter and some of those stitches (especially when the eyes are crossed!!) I’m glad aren’t measured!! BUT I’m loving it…..it slows me down..relaxes me and because I have seen and felt the comfort they give…Warms my Heart xx

…….I will be posting next week about our plans for the upcoming year…..