Quilts for Comfort Northeast – Meeting the challenge of bringing comfort one stitch at a time.

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S.A.S….St Andrews Stitcher’s

SAS logo                                       THE OTHER SIDE OF THE QUILT

Let me tell you about the newly formed ‘S.A.S’………..

Hi my name is Jan,

August 2015 10

as a ‘wanabe’ quilter with a limited knowledge and ability of sewing I became involved in QFC (Quilts For Comfort) through a Craft Class I began attending a few years ago with one of my best friends June. (Please follow this link to read the full story of how the Charity Quilts For Comfort began.)

June had been learning to quilt for a while and made a beautiful quilt for David the son of Sandra the Craft Class owner, a young man dear to our hearts who was fighting a brain tumour. Sadly he lost this fight but not before he witnessed the start of this wonderful charity which brings comfort to a multitude of similar sufferers.

I love their motto ‘Bringing comfort one stitch at a time.’

Every week I would look on with envy as June and her quilting friends from High Usworth Quilters  and The Quilters Cupboard (she attends two quilting groups) donated fantastic quilts to the cause. I would attend quilt shows with June where I was amazed at the skills of quilters all over the country.  I became inspired; I wanted to make quilts to give to QFC! However, I didn’t know how to quilt; so I told myself ‘I can’t contribute’:

Ha! I have since learned that there is no such word as ‘can’t! June persevered with me and began to teach me the basic principles of quilting, starting with a simple ‘block’ which when there are enough of them can be turned into a ‘top’ then made into a quilt. Using some scraps of material donated by skilled quilters I even made some of these ‘blocks’. At last I had been able to contribute.

But what about the other ‘Jan’s’ of the world? The other ‘I want to contribute but I can’t sew or I don’t sew?’ The trustees of the QFC charity realised there was a need for some sort of ‘self help’ group where the skilled quilters could guide the novices, where the non sewer could contribute in other ways by pinning, tacking, ironing etc.

Thus the ‘SAS’ was born. This stands for the ‘Saint Andrew’s Stitchers’ the first of the self help groups to be formed. It is held in the Community Hall of Saint Andrew’s Church, Washington every Wednesday morning and is open to all abilities. I really enjoy attending. My confidence in my own abilities is growing daily as is that of the other attendees. We have skilled quilters like June, Joan and Heather who are happy to guide us novices; we have Margaret who comes along to take our entrance fee (just enough to pay for the use of the Hall) and makes us our ‘elevenses’. Betty and Pam love to hand sew and have a natter. Anne has introduced her Granddaughters to quilting. Then there’s Chris, who once sewed for a living but since recovering from a brain tumour has been left with limited sight and the feeling that she would never sew again, now confidently using a sewing machine once more…….and it goes on one stitch at a time.

  ……………………………………….This is the other side of the quilt…………………………………………… 

August 2015 5August 2015 1

…these are pictures taken of the group on Wednesday 26th August…

TAugust 2015 8August 2015 7August 2015 12August 2015 11

…every age group is stitching ‘comfort’…

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