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The Highs and Lows of a Quilter

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Hello Quilters,

I bet you thought I had gone walkabout again didn’t you? No such luck I’m afraid. It’s all due to technical dificulties that I haven’t been posting on here! My ignorance and fear of technology that is!!

I have been trying to get my head around the ‘Facebook’ because we have a connection going on there too now. I think you just search for Quilts for Comfort Northeast to see it. You wizards at social media will have no trouble I am guessing. So just check it out.

Anyway here I am back in my comfort zone and there is so much catching up to do, so let’s get started.

Now here we are in yet another year and our little group of Quilters at the SAS continues to produce the most amazing quilts for Quilts for Comfort. Reflecting in the group the other day we began to think about all the “highs and lows” we have experienced along the journey to where we are today.

Sadly I begin on a Low as Betty, one of the SAS’s founder members passed away in December. Betty loved to come to our group and made some wonderful quilts during her time with us. She sewed them all by hand too which is quite amazing. She will be greatly missed. Take a look at her last piece of work. She hand sewed all the squares but sadly never saw them assembled. Thanks to her friends at the SAS the whole quilt was finished off and will now be bringing comfort to someone.

Jans blog post pics June 2017 1

On a high note our group has recently grown as we have welcomed new members who are just like I was when we first began, keen to learn the art of quilting, full of enthusiasm for their art and worried that we don’t get it right. I was able to tell them about that ‘man on a galloping horse’ who never sees any faults!

I often wonder how we get any sewing done every Wednesday as there always seems to be a lot of laughter and chatter, it’s fun being part of this quilting family, and that’s definitely an important ‘high’. It is this family which helps us to turn our lows into highs I am sure.

As we were chatting about some of the highs and lows of Quilting we came up with some very amusing and might I say quite true ‘lows’! For instance. Bringing in work you finished at home only to find you made a mistake and had to pull out all of your stitches! Now who has never done that I ask myself? Remember – the stitch ripper is your best friend.

What about the times when you break your sewing machine needle because you forgot to change your foot from a plain stitching one to a zig zag one when you want to do some

applique? I know I have done that on more than one occassion! Oh yes and how many of us have stuck a pin in our finger and had a rude word on our lips! Or even cut our thumb with our rotary cutter? With probably a few more rude words on our lips! Seriously though for a moment. Denise managed to sew right through her finger last week with her machine, breaking the tip of the needle which remained embedded in her fingertip until A&E finally got it out so be warned, keep your mind on the job in hand ladies.

But let’s not forget our highs. My personal high recently was when I finished a quilt I had been making and ALL my sashing seams lined up – oh what JOY! Take a look at my tumbling block quilt, I was so proud of it.

Jans blog post pics June 2017 2

Remember how you felt when you had completed your first quilt, what a high that was!

I think everyone’s best high was our Quilts for Comfort Appreciation day we celebrated in April. It was fantastic to see so many people who have taken our Charity to heart and are kindly giving up their time to sew quilts or organise distribution of them. It was lovely to meet up with some of the contributers from far and wide, remember Jenny from Cumbria? Well she came along which was a lovely surprise. In the words of one of our newest SAS members, Sheila;

“A big thankyou to all those who made the day very special. Especially to those who shared their stories. I never thought the quilts would mean so much to those who were given them and also to their families. Thank you for a memorable day.”

Jans blog post pics June 2017 6.jpg.png.jpg.png

So to all my fellow quilters no matter how many lows you go through just remember the marvellous high of knowing that your work brings a phenomenal amount of love to all the recipients of your amazing quilts.

So Carry on Quilting

See you soon


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  1. What a good read and yes done all including stitching finger. Ooo that hurts!!!!! Looking foreword to your next letter

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