Quilts for Comfort Northeast – Meeting the challenge of bringing comfort one stitch at a time.

How the stitching began….

Where the first stitch began……
After our son David was diagnosed with a brain tumor in Dec 2012 the world as we knew it seemed to stop, life became a whirlwind of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, operations and hospital visits…throughout all of this our wonderful 18 year old son David was an inspiration to us all on how to move forward, always positive…as a family we had faith and hope….our friends and family gathered round to support us and give us comfort.
One of those friends- ‘the wonderful June’ gave David a quilt…this was for us to use or give as a gift to say thank you at the hospital…it was decided that we give it as a gift of ‘Comfort’ for another patient…..Junes quilt and stitching became the beginning of Quilts for Comfort North East.
The stitches began to multiply…..
Many lovely ladies have since donated a lot of hours and stitches, they have donated blocks, quilt tops and finished quilts…we have been able to donate many, many quilts that give comfort to children and teenagers receiving treatment on the RVI Oncology Pediatric Wards.
David and our family loved seeing the comfort these quilts gave to the children and teenagers that received them….the comfort a quilt gives through grueling treatments, the comfort a quilt gives when a child or teenager is facing challenging times….the comfort a quilt gives is not always seen but felt.

Our son loved his own quilt… the sewing of his quilt also gave me a lot of comfort, and watching him snuggle under it, cosy and warm…..
…David is not with us now, he died peacefully on the 4th April 2014….his quilt still continues to give us comfort, looking at his favorite colours of yellow and blue, we love the different fabrics, remembering how much he also loved it…our family still snuggles under it.
…the comfort continues…

6 thoughts on “How the stitching began….

  1. I just wanted to thank you for the amazing pink quilt you sent for my 14year old daughter, who is having gruelling treatment for cancer. She uses her quilt at home and takes it into the hospital to make her bed less hospital-y ! All the staff and visitors admire it. It brightens bad days and it is lovely reminder of all the kind people out there, when times are hard. Thank you !!!

    • Hi
      we are so pleased your daughter liked her quilt, we are hoping we can continue to give comfort to as many young people (and some not so young x) as we can “one stitch at a time”

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  3. I love this idea, we are at the beginning of our little g/daughters journey of treatment in the unit at RVI. Over the last week people have been admiring the 2 quilts which are from home . This morning someone told me the name of this volunteer group and I feel that this is maybe something I could be involved with to give something back.

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