Quilts for Comfort Northeast – Meeting the challenge of bringing comfort one stitch at a time.

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..Mixed Media Quilting..

….what happens when you put a mixed media artist who likes to paint and create designs on just about any surface she can get her hands on….with a sewing and quilting artist who can create and free motion on fabric like the thread was attached to her finger tips???

..You get a Mixed Media Quilting Workshop..a double act of Lucie and Sandra..showing you how to use paints and threads to create your own fabric panels..
..we have designed a quirky chicken project just for this workshop..
.learn how to use paints,stamps,everyday items to create your backgrounds and doodles
..then after a break for lunch (and some yummy cakes and chocolate!!)
.. its onto the wonderful world of thread play….applying applique and free motion stitching and using threads like paints to detail your project.

Dates and details for this workshop can be found here

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..inspiration helps me get started..helps me when i’m stuck..inspiration can be found in so many different things from the smallest little daisy to the seaside on a beautiful day..its in the colour..the patterns..the texture..its every where..

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…words to inspire

….words are a wonderful way to inspire..i keep a little notebook handy to collect the words that inspire me or that really make me think.. i also collect them on my computer, i organize them into categories so they are easy to find when i am creating

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..Sharing with us all..

I thought it would be a good idea to let you know about some really sharing blogs and web sites out there..these are blogs that I find so helpful and inspiring..(if you have any that you would also like to share let us know and we will include them)

The first Blog to SHARE with you is…

The Graphics Fairy

I can’t shout loud enough about this blog..it has to be one of the most useful resources i have seen and completely free to download

I use the downloads a lot for journaling and inspiration..

A BIG THANK YOU to Karen for sharing with us

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The Creative Friends are a small group of crafty like minded people who will from time to time come together to share new creations and ideas. We hope to inspire you and get you creating too. So watch for our new designs and ideas which will be launched over the coming year. We plan to share creations using various techniques made from supplies such as paint, paper, fabrics and a whole load of diverse mediums. So watch this blog for news about interesting crafty ideas. We might even post tips and demos.