Quilts for Comfort Northeast – Meeting the challenge of bringing comfort one stitch at a time.

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…the “comfort” keeps on coming…


..wonderful quilts just keep on arriving ..these beautiful colorful quilt were sewn by Anne-Marie…


check out the fabrics..


and different free motion quilting in each square!!


..and a big thank you to Sylvia for 2 beautiful quilts…anyone who knows Sylvia will tell you how fast she can turn out sewing projects!

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…Block by Block..


…blocks have been arriving at Quilts for Comfort…we have 18 already!

thank you ladies for all your lovely blocks, we are hoping with all our block donations to create quilts to deliver to Teens in need of a Quilt Cuddle.


..our stack of blocks is building up…beautiful liberty fabric heart


..its been lovely to see all the blocks come in, if you would like to contribute a block we are asking for  12″blocks(12.5 unfinished)…don’t worry if you have smaller or larger blocks they will still be included in quilts.

If you know of a teen who is need for a cuddle let us know…our plan is to help teens who are having a tough time…

quilt image……..



Hello everyone,

For those who have clicked on the link and come across to read the rest of my exciting news, welcome. I’m so pleased you could join me here this evening.

For those of you who do not know me, I’m Lucie the Happy Quilter. I’m just an ordinary person amongst millions of others but I feel truly blessed this evening. You could almost say I live a charmed life at times. I’m addicted to quilt making. And when my creative friend Sandra decided that she would like to do something that could possibly bring comfort to the teenagers who receive treatment from the Teenage Cancer Trust I decided that I wanted to help in any way I could manage. Sandra worked hard and Quilts for Comfort hit the ground running. So I joined the Quilts for Comfort Family when I donated a few choice quilts from a stack of quilts that I have made using scraps and such since the beginning of this year. Things seem to have picked up momentum today. During my visit to Stitchin’ Heaven for a bit of a sewing session the lovely Margaret brought a boy quilt that she had previously promised me for Quilts for Comfort. And then Sue kindly gave me a beautiful girly quilt top which I will finish off over the summer and hand over. And then to top it all off Anne and Mick who run Stitchin’ Heaven as a team donated 18 quilt kits. Well you can’t imagine how I was feeling just then. And no sooner did Anne present me with 18 quilt kits, that 4 volunteers came forward to start piecing the kits. This all happened hours ago and since then I have found a word to describe how I feel. That word is …. elated. I’m amazed at how generous people can be. I didn’t have to twist anybody’s arm to get them to hand over quilts, quilt tops or quilt kits. I spoke about it once only at my last sewing session and this is what happens when you present a challenge for a really worthwhile cause. Everyone needs a bit of comfort thru the hard times and that’s exactly what we hope to bring with every quilt that is delivered. Recently I wrote about wishing I had a fairy godmother, well it looks like I’ve found several today. It’s been a really good day for me. I think it will be a long time before I can beat what’s happened to me today. I want to thank all my fairy godparents for bringing elation to this, once again, humbled happy quilter. With a little help from our very willing friends, we will bring comfort to a few deserving teenagers.

We will post photos of the finished quilts as  they are completed but for the moment here’s a photo of just part of the kits donated.

Happy stitching.

Lucie the Happy Quilter x

Stitchin' Heaven Kits


Quilts for Comfort

..Hi Happy Quilters

everyday a new stitch is sewn in the Quilts for Comfort quest to deliver lap quilts to as many teens as we can that need comfort.

As i type this post a striking quilt is sitting ready to be quilted, exciting knowing that this particular quilt will be on its way to a teen in foster care who will really be delighted to receive comfort from a quilt so lovingly stitched.

Yesterday i had a phone call asking if Quilts for Comfort could supply 2 lap quilts for 2 teenage boys who are part of the teenage cancer unit..both young men 18 and 19 have said they would love a quilt (their request was “could it be boys colours and not pink or girlie”).

I am hoping that we can  gather a few boy quilts too as teenage boys seem to love them as well.

I will leave you with this thought

Ask not what your fabric can do for you, but what you
can do for your fabric….







Prairie Point 5

I recently made some cushion covers to which I added Prairie Points as embellishments. So today I thought I would show you how I approach this task. It’s really easy and looks great.  I make up my individual Prairie Points with 3″ squares but you can resize them larger or smaller depending on your project but I find that 3″ is a pretty good size and quite easy to manipulate.

I cut however many 3″ squares I feel I will need. Now take your 3″ square and fold it in half diagonally and press.

Prairie Point 1


Prairie Point 2

Now fold it again and press. You just carry on in this fashion until all you squares have been shaped and pressed.

Prairie Point 3 Prairie Point 4

And here’s an example of  what you can do with Prairie Points.

Applique Cushions 1




Japanese Folded Patchwork just happens to be one of my favourite techniques. It’s right up there with making hexagons. So I thought I’d show you how I approach the task. Keep in mind that others may do it a little different.

I’ll start by giving you the template dimensions; I’m aiming for 4-1/2” block. I have cut out two circle templates. The measurements are for the diameter. The first template measures 6-7/8” but 7” is near enough if that’s easier for you to produce; and you will use this for tracing the circle onto your outer fabric. The second template measure 6-1/4”, this template is the sewing template. And finally the square of fabric and wadding should measure 4-1/4”. I use a rotary cutter to cut the fabric and then lay the fabric on top of wadding scraps and trim it with scissors.

When I make a Japanese Folded Patchwork I use two colours; one for the outer circle and one for the centre square. So here is the method I use when working on Japanese Folded Patchwork Blocks.

First I take my larger circle template and trace it onto the outer fabric. Then cut on the traced line.

JF 1

Now using a doubled up thread with a knot in the end I sew a running stitch a scant 1/8” from the edge all the way around. DO NOT SECURE AND CUT THE THREAD YET.

JF 2

Place the fabric circle on the table. Now lay the smaller circle template in the centre and hold it down with one hand and pull the needle and thread like a drawstring until the fabric fit snuggly around the cardboard template. Now secure the thread in place and cut. This is the same method I use to make really good circles for applique purposes.

JF 3

The next steps is to press the circle on both sides. Let it cool. Gently remove the template. Press again on both sides carefully. This second pressing gives the circle a good crisp edge to work with.

JF 4

Now it’s time to add the centre square. Layer one fabric square over one wadding square and centre them both in the middle of the wrong side of the circle. Now you simply fold the circle edges over the sides of the square and pin in place. Make sure that everything looks even on all sides. You can measure up with your squaring up ruler to make sure it’s square.

JF 7

JF 8

Now we stitch everything in place. That’s pretty simple. You can either use a matching thread or a contrasting thread depending on whether you want the stitching to show up or blend in. My preference is a thread that blends in but for these photos I have used a contrasting thread. When stitching, make an effort to stitch thru all the layers right thru to the back so the stitches will show front and back. This will assure that nothing moves and your block will keep its square shape.

JF 9

JF 10


Once you have pieced all your blocks they are sewn together to produce your project. I recommend you sew carefully making very small stitches.

JF Bag

Over the years I have pieced a couple of bags using his technique but you could make placemats, table runners, quilts, sewing machine dust covers and a whole range of things. Let your imagination run wild. And let me know how you get on.

I hope this little tutorial helps.

Happy stitching.

Lucie the Happy Quilter X



Back in May two of our Creative Friends launched a successful companion project. Well they have gone back to the drawing board to create something new and truly whimsical. This time Sandra of The Crafts House has designed the most whimsical of hangers called A Pocketful of Gingerbreads for a quilted Gingerbread Pockets designed by Lucie the Happy Quilter. The two projects look fantastic paired up together. So now, as of today, you can purchase the pattern for the quilted Gingerbread Pockets and you can make the Pocketful of Gingerbreads hanger at The Crafts House with the guidance of the very talented Sandra in her wonderful treasure trove of a studio. You can find more info about the Pocketful of Gingerbreads hanger here and more info about the quilted Gingerbread Pockets by clicking here. Sandra and Lucie have worked hard to bring this project together and have had plenty of laughs along the way. This companion project is the perfect gift for a special someone.