Quilts for Comfort Northeast – Meeting the challenge of bringing comfort one stitch at a time.

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..inspiration helps me get started..helps me when i’m stuck..inspiration can be found in so many different things from the smallest little daisy to the seaside on a beautiful day..its in the colour..the patterns..the texture..its every where..

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choosing a colour palette

whether we are picking fabric for a sewing project, paint for a craft project, backgrounds for a journal or decorating our home..COLOUR is important

but what goes with what ..how do you begin?..i think by grouping together  colour in a palette you have a start point from which to keep or discard your colours.

A really helpful tool i have found is a website called Design Seeds it does the job for you by grouping colours by palette theme and gives a really good idea how colours blend..you can copy and paste the palettes onto your computer and use the ideas as a start point