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The Story Tellers Quilt

Hello everyone,

I don’t post here very often nowadays. Last time I wrote announcing The Story Teller’s quilt challenge. Well today I want to tell you all about my experience of joining in to work on this worthwhile challenge quilt.

First of all let me tell you that I’m a true believer in joining in and helping whenever there is a need. I think deep down we all have a yearning to feel useful. The best way I know how to feel useful is to help to bring comfort to the young people who face cancer treatment. So I was more than happy to take a leading role in the making of this quilt. The S.O.S. went out for anyone who was willing to make a storybook related block. Once we reached the deadline for handing in the blocks I purchased some sashing and border fabrics. I needed the blocks before I could really decide what colour/print fabric I needed to pull to whole project together.

The most difficult part of the job of joining all the blocks to make the quilt top was how to layout the blocks. I got a second opinion from my talented art student daughter, Sarah. We rearranged the blocks until we were happy with the look. And then it was finally time to start joining them all together …..

Joining the blocks

A seasoned quilt maker will know that once a quilt top is pieced you have to sort out the dilemma of how to quilt it. As I am a longarm quilter there wasn’t any question how I would tackle the job. In this case I needed enough stitching that the quilt would withstand washing and sitting upon. So I selected an all over cheerful sunshine design to which stitches are distributed evenly leaving no large unquilted gaps.

Longarm quilting The Story Tellers Quilt

Longarm Quilting The Story Tellers Quilt (2)

Now you might think that the story ends here but I do have a few more things to tell you about this special challenge quilt. I did not put a plain backing on this quilt; between us, that is the lovely Linda and I, pieced a storybook related backing using oodles of fabric supplied by Linda and Karen. Here’s a little peek at the colourful interesting quilt back …..

The Story Teller's Quilt Back

It’s a rather large quilt which will drape nicely over the high back chairs at the RVI. Shelley, The Story Teller sponsored by Henry Dancer Days, will use the quilt in just that fashion. She will lay the quilt on her chair and sit on it while she reads to the children. The story reading programme has been so well received that Henry Dancer Days is considering increasing their reading session to two a week.


August 2015 6

Once the quilt was longarm quilted I took it to the St. Andrews Sewing group weekly meeting and hand finished the binding in readiness to hand over to Jane who started Henry Dancer Days. And I’m so very pleased to tell you that Jane was as delighted with the quilt …..

Jane of Henry Dancer Days and The Story Teller Quilt

I’m almost finished my account now my friends. I just wanted to mention that I added a simple label on the back of the quilt which included the names of everyone who participated in the making of this quilt. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the label.

I feel privileged and honoured to have been part of this challenge. And what’s more I am so pleased to have been able to take part in this group quilt challenge. Sharing a worthwhile task is the perfect way of bringing people together.

So ladies and gentlemen and quilt makers everywhere, this is my account of how we made The Story Teller’s Quilt.

Until next time,

Happy stitching,

Lucie the Happy Quilter x




How do you make a child happy? Well most of us know that sometimes all it takes is a few kind words or a small treat. Those of us who are parents will know that we will do almost anything it takes to make our children happy. I am truly blessed because my one and only child is healthy and happy. Not everyone is as lucky as I have been so far. There are many families who have very poorly children. And many of those children are poorly because they have some form of cancer. So I’ll ask the same question again ….. How do you make a child happy ….. when they are poorly?

I recently visited the Paediatric Oncology and Teenage Cancer Trust Unit at the RVI along with my two Quilts for Comfort Trustee colleagues. I must admit I was a little apprehensive but I felt it was something that I needed to do. We were given a super tour by Jenny the Matron amongst others. And I must admit I had a rogue tear in my eye thru the whole tour. We were not shown anything gory. We saw plenty of young families in different waiting rooms. And what played on my mind was that all these parents have a poorly child.

It’s a super facility. It’s bright and cheerful and the staff are so good with the children. They are well trained and know exactly how to deal with every eventuality. I was really impressed.

Thru the whole tour as we moved from one section to the next I thought to myself what can I do for these children to make them feel better? And as if by magic I witnessed something that was truly magic. I hope I’m not boring you to distraction. Please bear with me for a wee bit longer because those of you who have donated quilts, quilt tops and blocks will appreciate what I have to tell you in the rest of this post.

During our tour we were invited into a side ward where two little boys were resting. They had recently had some kind of treatment and therefore not feeling very enthusiastic about life in general. One little boy, Boy A, has already received a quilt from Quilts for Comfort which he brings with him every time he visits hospital for treatment. His starry blue quilt was spread over his bed as he lay there watching TV. The other little boy, Boy B, had not received a quilt from Quilts for Comfort yet. In fact his security blankie had been lost in the hospital laundry for which he was quite upset. Boy B really loves dragons/dinosaurs, as little boys do. It just so happens that in our pile of some forty quilts which we were handing over to the unit there was one dragon quilt. I think you can guess what happened next. Our Nicola gifted the dragon quilt to Boy B. From where I was standing, I had the perfect viewpoint of the wee boys’ reaction when he saw the quilt had dragons on it. His face lit up and he was immediately cheered up. I was so pleased to see exactly what happens when a young child or teenager is given a quilt made by the Quilts for Comfort family. It’s magic. And it is witnessing first hand, exactly how the magic works, that will keep me on track making quilts and doing anything I can to help bring comfort to the children who need it.

The whole idea of this tour was really daunting for me. I was afraid of intruding on families that were going thru one of the most uncertain times of their lives. However the staff at the cancer unit knew exactly how much to show and how not to intrude in personal lives. We were made to feel very welcome and appreciated for the quilts we supply. And of course the cakes that Nicola baked went down very well indeed. I may be biased but Nicola makes a mean Millionaire Shortbread!


So to all the ladies who take time to make quilts, quilt tops and piece blocks, to those who help in any way they can I send a big thank you. I assure you all that every stitch is worth making. So whether you make a whole quilt by yourself or pool together as a group to make a quilt top, let it be known that each and every quilt will bring comfort to someone deserving comfort in a time of need.

I found this post rather difficult to write. What I experienced first-hand was very humbling. I shed more than a few tears remembering my experience but I think it’s worth telling you that I saw with my very own eyes the goodness we’re spreading with every quilt donated. Boy B’s dragon quilt was pieced by Lillian. Lillian if you’re reading this, you’ve brought comfort to at least one poorly little boy this week.

So ladies keep those quilts coming. Our next Quilts for Comfort volunteer day for will he held on October 14th. So why not join us on that day. Remember together we can bring that much needed comfort, one stitch at a time …..

Until next time,

From a very humbled,

Lucie the Happy Quilter


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We had a little event bringing young and old, mothers and daughters and lots of friends together for a few hours on Sunday afternoon. The goal was to teach a few willing newbies how to hand piece a simple Nine Patch block. I gathered up enough supplies and tools to make some 16 blocks which I will piece together to make a quilt. Here is a photo of my willing participants …..


It’s amazing how a simple pursuit such as quilt making can bring a group of all ages and all walks of life together. We had three students, a couple of hairdressers/artists, a nurse and a magistrate in our group of willing helpers. One or two of our ladies were rather apprehensive about piecing a block but there was absolutely nothing to worry about. I will tell you more about this quilt as things progress.

For those who are helping us make quilts I would like to remind you that the next volunteer day will be on Tuesday August 12th. Feel free to pop in to drop off any finished quilts, quilt tops or blocks you might have for us. I look forward to seeing you on the day. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Keep on stitching so we can bring comfort.

Lucie the Happy Quilter x



Hiya everybody. I hope you’re all enjoying the summer. It’s a long time since I posted here so I thought I’d give it a go.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time longarm quilting and teaching lately but there’s a side of me that you don’t see. And that side is the part of me that’s working behind the scenes with Quilts for Comfort. Alongside Sandra and Nicola and our Quilts for Comfort family I’m beavering away trying to make a difference one stitch at a time. As most of you know we will soon be holding a launch day just to let everyone know what it’s all about and what’s been happening. So why don’t you come along and see us on Thursday July 10th at The Crafts House. Pop in and have a coffee and one of Nicola’s delicious cakes. Nicola really is the best baker in town and not only that but we’re going to teach her to make patchwork blocks soon. Even if you don’t sew you can play a part in bringing comfort to someone who needs it.

 This morning we got together to get things ready for the near future. We made lists regarding future plans …..


 And put things in some kind of order …..

The lovely Sandra played with fabric scraps …..

And Nicola put oodles of fabric scraps in order ready to be turned into comforting quilts …..

We had a look at the latest donated quilts …..

We all agreed that we love the soft animal print on the back of this quilt.

We receive a wide variety of quilts. And as well as finished quilts we receive quilt tops and blocks. And our very helpful and hardworking Quilts for Comfort family members turn quilt tops and blocks into superb quilts which go to young people needing comfort.

It’s not difficult to join the Quilts for Comfort family. I joined last summer when I made a few boys quilts to fill a need and I have longarm quilted a few quilt tops in between everything else I do. And I plan on continuing in this fashion for as long as I can. I also plan on teaching a few newbies how to piece quilt blocks on our Quilts for Comfort volunteer days. So if you don’t sew this might be your chance to learn while doing something worthwhile.

As well as our hardworking family  we have another great source of support. Some of you have already visited Stitchin’ Heaven on the 697 in Longframlington. Anne and Mick Davison run the lovely patchwork shop in an idyllic setting in north Northumberland. Anne and Mick have very generously pledged to help us bring comfort to our young friends. I’m so very pleased to welcome them to the Quilts for Comfort family. We can use all the help we can get.

Anne hiding behind kits
This is Anne hiding behind a whole load of quilts kits.

Mick running the shop

This is Mick taking care of business.

So I’m looking forward to the launch on Thursday. I’ll be the one sporting a big smile. I hope to see you there.

 Until the next time,

 Happy stitching.

 Lucie the Happy Quilter x



Hi everyone, blocks, quilt tops and quilts are arriving every week

a big thank you again to everyone and to the ladies that have been mailing quilts as well

At the moment we are looking to purchase our wadding and very close to our target,

quilt squad

in the new year we are going to be organizing a “sew in” on the hill (could we call it the “Quilt Squad”!!) where we will be joining a lot of our blocks together to make quilt tops….then when they are quilted we will be able to hand them over to those that are needing comfort..

I  have had a special request for a boys quilt with trains…a special young man with a need for comfort right now…

just wanted to leave you with this very novel idea for earrings…love them

cute earrings

..happy stitching xxx



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…Block by Block..


…blocks have been arriving at Quilts for Comfort…we have 18 already!

thank you ladies for all your lovely blocks, we are hoping with all our block donations to create quilts to deliver to Teens in need of a Quilt Cuddle.


..our stack of blocks is building up…beautiful liberty fabric heart


..its been lovely to see all the blocks come in, if you would like to contribute a block we are asking for  12″blocks(12.5 unfinished)…don’t worry if you have smaller or larger blocks they will still be included in quilts.

If you know of a teen who is need for a cuddle let us know…our plan is to help teens who are having a tough time…

quilt image……..



Hello everyone,

For those who have clicked on the link and come across to read the rest of my exciting news, welcome. I’m so pleased you could join me here this evening.

For those of you who do not know me, I’m Lucie the Happy Quilter. I’m just an ordinary person amongst millions of others but I feel truly blessed this evening. You could almost say I live a charmed life at times. I’m addicted to quilt making. And when my creative friend Sandra decided that she would like to do something that could possibly bring comfort to the teenagers who receive treatment from the Teenage Cancer Trust I decided that I wanted to help in any way I could manage. Sandra worked hard and Quilts for Comfort hit the ground running. So I joined the Quilts for Comfort Family when I donated a few choice quilts from a stack of quilts that I have made using scraps and such since the beginning of this year. Things seem to have picked up momentum today. During my visit to Stitchin’ Heaven for a bit of a sewing session the lovely Margaret brought a boy quilt that she had previously promised me for Quilts for Comfort. And then Sue kindly gave me a beautiful girly quilt top which I will finish off over the summer and hand over. And then to top it all off Anne and Mick who run Stitchin’ Heaven as a team donated 18 quilt kits. Well you can’t imagine how I was feeling just then. And no sooner did Anne present me with 18 quilt kits, that 4 volunteers came forward to start piecing the kits. This all happened hours ago and since then I have found a word to describe how I feel. That word is …. elated. I’m amazed at how generous people can be. I didn’t have to twist anybody’s arm to get them to hand over quilts, quilt tops or quilt kits. I spoke about it once only at my last sewing session and this is what happens when you present a challenge for a really worthwhile cause. Everyone needs a bit of comfort thru the hard times and that’s exactly what we hope to bring with every quilt that is delivered. Recently I wrote about wishing I had a fairy godmother, well it looks like I’ve found several today. It’s been a really good day for me. I think it will be a long time before I can beat what’s happened to me today. I want to thank all my fairy godparents for bringing elation to this, once again, humbled happy quilter. With a little help from our very willing friends, we will bring comfort to a few deserving teenagers.

We will post photos of the finished quilts as  they are completed but for the moment here’s a photo of just part of the kits donated.

Happy stitching.

Lucie the Happy Quilter x

Stitchin' Heaven Kits