Quilts for Comfort Northeast – Meeting the challenge of bringing comfort one stitch at a time.




It has recently come to my attention that some of our teenagers fall thru the cracks. In my day-to-day role as a crafty art teacher loads of teenager cross my doorstep looking for help and advice. As a mother of five I have spent many happy years steering my own teenagers on the right path. Today’s teenagers grow tall and speak their minds but they aren’t always equipped or ready to deal with everything life throws at them. Life is full of conflict; family troubles, illness and so on.  So in conjunction with different organisations in the Northeast of England such as the Teenage Cancer Trust, teens in care and teenage mothers-to-be and with the help of our many creative quilt makers who have made quilts and handed them over, we have started matching teenagers with beautiful patchwork quilts. With these quilts we hope to bring some comfort during the hard times. Just because a child looks like an adult doesn’t mean he/she couldn’t use a hug when things get difficult. We feel that our quilts might just be as good as a hug.

So there you have it in a nutshell. We have launched a challenge, or perhaps you might like to call it an appeal, to anyone who would like to help bring comfort to teenagers who might be going thru a difficult time. This challenge was inspired by a lady called June when she handed me a quilt saying that it was a thank you gift for our family to give to whoever we felt needed it. So on that day the seed was planted, quilts for teens who need comfort. To date we have received some 18 lovely quilts which we will match up to teenagers in need of comfort. I’m very happy to report that the first five quilts will be delivered tomorrow. I would like to take this opportunity to thank June for joining the Quilts for Comfort Family and for spreading the good word about the challenge.

If you would like to join the Quilts for Comfort Family by donating a quilt to give a teenager some comfort please contact us here thecraftshouse@hotmail.co.uk

I have loads more to tell you about this challenge which I will post about from week to week. So be sure to pop in regularly.

I’ll leave you today with this thought:

Positive = Progress = Moving Forward